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Our services


From idea to final product

What we do at Business Bike Solutions? That’s simple: make e-bikes that are fully tailored to your company’s needs. You can contact us, even if you don’t have anything specific in mind yet. Our slogan is not a one-stop partner for electric bikes for no reason.

Everything starts with your vision. We put together an initial design and go over the key components. Then our specialists develop a prototype. After a thorough round of feedback and any necessary adjustments, the final version rolls off the belt and together we determine a fair price. The end result is technically advanced and sustainable.

Spare parts procurement

Thorough quality control

To keep our bike business running at its full potential, we buy our spare parts ourselves. A win-win! While we take this onerous task off the customer’s hands, it also allows us to thoroughly check the quality of everything that comes in and goes out. Replenishing our own stock also means that we can better estimate delivery times. As such, we always fulfil our promise to deliver sustainable products within a reasonable time frame.


From frame painting to final assembly

Business Bike Solutions is responsible for the complete production of each e-bike. What exactly does that mean? No hassle involving different parties: we supply the designs, prototypes and the final product. That’s why the production process runs smoothly, quickly and safely. Incidentally, this also makes it a lot easier to make last-minute adjustments.


Mobile repair service and think tank for mobility solutions

We cooperate with service partners and also have our own repair service. Both provide you with a 7/7 maintenance and repair service of your e-bikes.

Would you prefer mobility advice? Business Bike Solutions is the right place for that too. We join forces and provide proactive mobility solutions that are in tune with your company’s values and standards.